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are you living

wild & free?

All women are born wild...

When your are wild and free you are connected to your vision, voice, vitality, peace, self-expression, inner wisdom, fierceness, and freedom. 


Yet, over time women often lose touch with our wild. We lose track of what's right for us, we press on despite anxiety and depletion, we allow our to-do lists to run our lives to the point that we can no longer figure out how to take time for things that inspire and rejuvenate us.

When you feel these experiences, it's always time to reconnect to your wild nature. 

Take the Quiz to identify whether you're living wild and free and get practical, personalized tips to reconnect.

Hearing the Call
Wild Woman
Answering the Call
Wake Up Wild Woman!

Through this quiz I'll help you:

Recognize the attributes of your wild, instinctual nature (your first step in living a more wild life!)

Identify whether you are living wild and free

Take steps, based on where you are, to connect more deeply to your wild nature

Hi, I'm Rachel Butler

Founder and Creator at Wild Souls Rising

I grew up WILD in rural Alaska and now live in Seattle, WA, where I spend most of my time creating, coaching, developing leaders, wrangling my two little boys, and trying to find my own sense of balance and contribution.​

I offer workshops, group programming, 1:1 coaching, and in person retreats to guide women to set down what's no longer working and create her own way by accessing her wild nature and instinctual leadership. I believe conscious women will lead the changes we so desperately need in our world, by showing up intentionally within our chosen work.

At Wild Souls Rising I combine simplicity - and just the right amount of "woo" from my rural Alaskan roots - with leading thinking in leadership and personal development from my 11+ years working with leaders, especially women. I have a Masters in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Development, am a Professional Co-Active Coach, a trained Executive Coach through Saybrook University, a ProSci Certified Change Management Practitioner, a Certified Centering Facilitator, and have a B.S. in Nutrition. I've also followed personal studies in Soul Reclamation, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Applied Behavioral Sciences, Humanistic and Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Conflict Mediation, and more.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wild!

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