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Being a woman in the modern world is no joke (am I right!!??)

You're a well resourced person; you've dabbled in therapy, yoga, meditation, self-help books,'ve done personal work. Despite knowing what might help, you're frustrated with yourself because you just don't do it and you're staying stuck.

What I've come to know is the reason you "just don't do the thing" isn't that there's something wrong with you. You are not inherently flawed. Women share these experiences and struggles; they have shown up in accounts from women throughout history through archetypes, mythology, stories, and records. You live in a complex social, economic, cultural system that is not designed to support your highest good.


But that is changing - and it can't happen soon enough.


The world needs your authentic presence and voice, your ideas, and your leadership.

You can gift that when you set down the things that don't align with your highest priorities, you stop pleasing others, and you start doing what aligns with your own heart's call -- whatever that means for you.

The healing work we do at Wild Souls Rising is about unlearning the old ways, incorporating new beliefs and skills, and connecting with other women to understand that we are not alone; we can create the change we want, together. 

It's time.

Want in? Here's How


Group programs with purposeful curriculum and a powerful community of women 


One-on-one coaching and curriculum for women who want personalized guidance.



Follow along for content that's balm for the soul and to connect with likeminded women.

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You are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole -- and fully capable of creating what you want for yourself and confronting any challenge in your life. My role is to act as a guide by offering coaching, purposeful content, and a safe group space to discover your wild, instinctual nature

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